WWW was the 1st episode of the 1st series of The Mary Morstan Mysteries. It originally ran in 8 parts between March 21st-April 13th 2012. It was re-released on 23rd August 2017 as remastered version with improved colours, resolution, and pacing. The newer version changed the run time from a 45 minute episode cut down to a 21 minute episode.

In the episode, Watson had disappeared, and Mary goes Holmes hoping to find him there, but when he confirms he has not seen him in weeks, Holmes begins an investigation to track Watson down, assisted by Mary. Their quest helps develop Mary's own flair for detective work, and eventually leads them to Gwendolyn Chambers and from there, to Moriarty himself. Moriarty confesses to be behind the kidnapping, and promises to allow Holmes, and his friends to live in peace, but only if Holmes resigns from being a consulting detective and never bothering him again. Holmes refuses resulting in a battle between the two sides.

Eventually, thanks to a canister of poisonous mushroom soup accidentally created by Mrs. Hudson, Moriarty and Gwendolyn are defeated, but swear to extract revenge on the heroes at a later date.


  • The character of Shinwell Johnson was written into the episode, and was supposed to be part of The Moriarty Club, but ends up defecting at the end, thus explaining Holmes alliance with him in the canon tale "The Illustrious Client", but the actor cancelled on the day of the shoot, resulting in the part being scrapped, and Kelsey Williams absorbing most of the lines into her role.


Sherlock Holmes: Ross K. Foad

Mary Morstan: Lexi Wolfe

Doctor Watson: Mike Archer

Mrs Hudson: Linda-Jean Barry

Gwendolyn Chambers: Kelsey Williams

Professor Moriarty: Adrian Charlton

Toby: Bilbo The Dog

Sgt Hopkins: Anthony Cohen

Old Man Sherman: Gene Foad

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