The Mary Morstan Mysteries Full Theme.

The Mary Morstan Mysteries (often known as M.M.M), was a comedy drama web show spun off from No Place Like Holmes that ran between 2012-2015. Whereas  NPLH is largely set in modern day, with the odd interlude, flashback, or episode to Victorian times, MMM solely deals with the years 1889 onwards. It also acts a bridge to the main series, with many events or situations occurring that ultimately affect what goes on in No Place Like Holmes over a century later.

Origins []

The show follows the adventures of Miss Mary Morstan, the occasionally mentioned in passing wife of Doctor Watson. She appears in the canon tale "The Sign of Four", but is only mentioned sparingly until her death sometime after "The Final Problem". The Mary Morstan Mysteries expands on her character and imagines her to be a problem solver in her own rights, much to the chagrin of her fiance, who would rather she stayed home out of harms way.

The show first came about in 2011, when Lexi Wolfe applied for the vacant position of Doctor Watson in the 2nd series of No Place like Holmes after Samuel Coe left. While Ross felt, a woman would not be right for Watson in his series, he did feel Lexi's sherlockian credentials could lend herself to become an asset in her own right, and so ended up casting her to play Mary Morstan when the time was right.

However, instead of merely appearing in No Place Like Holmes, Ross decided more story could be explored with a companion spin-off show in its own right, and, so, The Mary Morstan Mysteries was born.

MMM Star Lexi Wolfe as Miss Mary Morstan

Series Run[]

Filming first began in November of 2011, and The 1st series ran between March-December 2012 with 3 x 45minute episodes.

A 2nd series consisting of 4 x 22 minute episodes and 1 x 43 minute episodes began in April 2014, with the final episode concluding in May 2015.


Lexi Wolfe as Miss Mary Morstan

Linda-Jean Barry as Mrs. Hudson

Adrian Charlton as Professor James Moriarty

Kelsey Williams as Gwendolyn Chambers

Ross K. Foad as Sherlock Holmes

Gene Foad as Various

Mike Archer as Doctor John Hamish Watson (Series 1)

James Ian Gray as Mycroft Holmes

Guest Stars[]

James Anthony: Eddie Grimes

Emma Lillie Lees: Charlotte Chambers

Jonathan Haart: Jack The Ripper

Sandy Slade: Mrs. Forrester

Clifford Hume: Charles Augustus Milverton

Peter Stanford: Inspector Bradstreet

Bilbo The Dog: Toby The Dog

Ray Frensham: Culverton Smith

Joe Sandz: Thomas Digweed

Marcus Payne: Bertie Bexton-Fife

Rosanna Smith: Sister Abigail Bliss

Amy Brunskill: Jessica The Barmaid

Andy Wolfe: Eduardo Estaban

Toby Rolt: Lord Booswar

Stephen Lewis: Experiment S

Martin Payne: Experiment R

Cedric Mbia: Steve Dixie