No Place Like Holmes "The Hesitant Highwayman"

No Place Like Holmes "The Hesitant Highwayman"

The Hesitant Highwayman is the 2nd episode of the 7th No Place Like Holmes Series.  It aired on the 22nd March 2018 with a 22 minute running time. The story is mostly set in the year 1890, and sees Holmes and Lestrade investigate a series of Highway Robberies. 

The story revolves around a morally bankrupt banker, George Wydler, who persuades Sir Henry, a well-respected Judge, into investing in his bank when he falls upon hard times. Sir Henry agrees and is initially delighted with the deal, but it soon turns sour when the bank folds 2 months later, and his funds lost with it. It later turns out that Wylder was well aware that this was going to happen, but still willingly takes Sir Henry’s money. Upon confronting him on it Wylder refuses to return any of the lost money, and simply laughs in his face instead. 

Furious for revenge, Sir Henry plots a series of highway robberies in which the only real victim will be Mr. Wylder. Everyone else he meets goes unharmed, and the items taken only with intent to later have them returned. Sir Henry theories that holding three highway robberies so close together will make the attack seem random, whereas solely targeting Wylder would have made him a very obvious suspect. 

Holmes manages to piece the case it together to identify Sir Henry, but ultimately lets Sir Henry off with a warning for his behaviour, having realised that no harm was done to the other victims, and deciding that George Wydler had brought it upon himself.

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