The Ecuador Equation is the 4th episode of the 2nd Series of The Mary Morstan Mysteries. It originally ran in two parts between 1st November-8th November 2014.

The episode sees The Moriarty Club releasing the enhancement serum to the black market. Mary Morstan tangles with the first of their customers, but how can she defeat someone with super enhanced speed and strength?


  • Andy Wolfe (Eduardo Estaban) is the real life partner of MMM star Lexi Wolfe.
  • The character Sister Abigail, is a reference to WWE Wrestler, Bray Wyatt's finishing move of the same name. This is just one of several wrestling references that feature throughout NPLH and MMM due to shows creator, Ross K.Foad's love of the sport.


Mary Morstan: Lexi Wolfe

Eduardo Estaban: Andy Wolfe

Sherlock Holmes: Ross K.Foad

Mycroft Holmes: James Ian Gray

Mrs Hudson: Linda-Jean Barry

Father Liam Clodgy: Gene Foad

Sister Abigail Bliss: Rosanna Smith

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