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Teresa Fairweather is the client of Holmes in the episode "Dialysis Murder  and was portrayed by Sal Bolton.This fiery opinionated animal rights activist will fight for any cause she believes in — no matter how absurd it may be.

In the episode, her fiance, Daniel "Moonshine" Digweed, finds himself accused of a murder he is pretty sure he did not commit, but seeing as he is already in jail for an attack on the deceased. His,  blood is found at the scene, and he just happened to be out on day release when it happened - not everyone is so convinced of his innocence. However, she is convinced he can not have been responsible. She takes the case to Holmes for further investigation, who against overwhelming evidence, decides to look further.


  • This would not be Sal's only acting role playing someone fighting for a cause, for she went on to play the role of Meryl Streep's bodyguard in the 2015 film "Suffragette". 
  • Much like the free roaming Teresa, Sal likes to travel, and even wrote a book about her experience in Australia. The Show Must Go On - Being with an Australian Travelling Zoo.


  • "Herbert, you always have nose bleeds". 
  • "Not only is he the proud leader of The Parsnip Defence League, look at all these clubs and movements he is part of; Pulses For The Poor, thats our campaign for the policy of free lentils for those in financial constraint, Badger Mating No Bating, Give Cows Choices and Voices..."
Teresa Fairweather

Teresa Fairweather

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