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Steve Dixie was a character in The Mary Morstan Mysteries (as well as the original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) and was portrayed by Cedric Mbia.

Dixie is a cowardly ruffian and loyal to whoever is paying him the most. He is not mean spirited by nature, but has no qualms about breaking the law, thieving, or hurting someone for the right price. His interest include boxing, ladies, and getting people to buy him drinks.


Dixie appears in the series finale "The Devil's Gambit" (Series 2, Episode 5), in which he is becomes part of a betting scam conducted by Professor Moriarty. Having never previously won a fight, Moriarty knows the odds of betting on Dixie are high, and so, decides to imbue him with his super simian serum; the result of which means Dixie should be able to pull of a surprise win and make Moriarty a huge amount of money.

However, one thing they do not bet on is Mary Morstan's intervention...


Despite the huge amount of Sherlock Holmes films and T.V. shows there have been over the years, Cedric Mbia is only the 2nd actor to ever portray Steve Dixie. The first being Steve Toussaint in the 1994 Granada adaption of "The Three Gables" with Jeremy Brett.


  • "Beats me, I ain't no schooler"
  • " The only side effects I know are, success, money, and TONS of ladies!!!"
  • "Shove it top-hat"
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