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Sir Hugo Baskerville is a character in the No Place Like Holmes Series. A debaucherous and shadowy Baskerville ancestor of the 17th century, Sir Hugo is the picture of aristocratic excess, drinking and pursuing pleasures of the flesh until it killed him. Or, so we thought.


For rumour had it that on the last night of his life, when he was chasing the yeoman's daughter who escaped his clutches, he cried out for any evil deity in the universe to take his soul in exchange for the ability to catch up with the girl. The girl was evidently found dead. The explanation? Frightened to death.

As for Sir Hugo, there was only ever scant evidence any body was ever found.

Fast forward 200 years on; in the NPLH episode Moving Forward Holmes and Watson investigate a case reportedly about the return of The Hound Of The Baskerville. Sheep mauled, cows shredded and chickens ripped apart. Upon request of the agricultural minister, Holmes takes a look.

He eventually discovers a man in tudor clothing who claims to be none other than Sir Hugo Baskerville. The man insist he was allowed to live by selling his soul to a deity and is now his emissary. Convinced the man they are talking to is insane, Holmes and Watson go to leave, only to find themselves embroiled in a fight which ends up with the man being killed by Watson's gunfire.

Before they can catch their breath, the man leaps to his feet and begins a glazed and slurred chant, the grounds shake, the heavens rumble and strange light emits all around them. The next thing they know, they are in the year 2010.

Appearance In The Mary Morstan Mysteries

In the Mary Morstan Mysteries series finale, "The Devil's Gambit". Moriarty receives a letter from Sir Hugo Baskerville (the voice over is done by Anthony Roy Barton) promising him high riches and rewards if he will give him protection from the persecution he is facing trying to "practise his religion".

When Moriarty faces financial ruin towards the end of the episode, he recalls the letter and with no other options available to him, agrees to enter into an alliance with Sir Hugo.

The exact details of the alliance are still as of yet unclear, but what does become apparent, is that Baskerville's encounter with Holmes 5 years later, might not have been so random after all, and had been planned all along. But for what purpose? That remains to be seen.

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Sir Hugo was first played by Patrick Foad in the pilot episode in 2010. In the 2014 remake special, the role was taken over by Anthony Roy Barton.

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  • "The end indeed..."
  • "With a touch, I could level buildings, rend the ground asunder, and channel power such as mortal men could only dream"
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