Ross K Reviews is a web book review show that falls under the NPLH Brand. It is written and presented by NPLH founder Ross K. Foad.

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The episodes, typically 8-10 minutes long see Ross review a Sherlock Holmes/Arthur Conan Doyle related book grading it under 3 separate components, and giving it an overall grading out of 6 Napoleons ( a reference to the ACD tales "The Adventure of The Six Napoleons".

GRADING[edit | edit source]

The categories of evaluation may change depending on whether the book is a fictional tale or an educational/reference book, but largely they follow a standard pattern.


- Ross sums up the basic initial parts of the plot. The setting and main themes explored.

Canon Accuracy and Useage

- Ross then evaluates how well they have used the source material of the Holmes Canon. Is it accurate? What are some examples of clever canon useage (or not) in the book.


- This section evaluates the layout of the book, the prose, spelling, pictures, chapter breakdown, length and how well it actually reads.

Aside from the in depth analysis, the show is known for its overall strangeness and random nature. This might see Ross dressing as a cowboy for a Texas themed Holmes book, or a vampire for Holmes vs. Dracula Type book. In the past, it has featured pop culture cutaways, puns (lots of), guinea pigs, future self's appearing, explosions and ghost hauntings.

HISTORY[edit | edit source]

The first episode was of Nicholas Meyer's "The West End Horror" and came out on August 25th 2011. It was only a pilot at that point, trialed as filler in between NPLH episodes. However, the reception was extremely positive and led to requests for further episodes to be created.

Eventually, the show grew to a point, numerous Authors, and publishers around the world were sending books to for reviewing, and Ross became one of the most sought after Sherlock Holmes book reviewers in the UK.

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