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Rings of Change was the 1st episode of the 2nd series of The Mary Morstan Mysteries. The 22 minute episode originally ran in 2 parts between April 19th to April 27th 2014.

In the episode, Mary Morstan loses her engagement ring and becomes convinced Gwendolyn Chambers is behind it. Outraged she tracks down Gwendolyn, only to find she knows nothing about it at all. Frustrated, Mary returns to Baker Street to seek Holmes advice. Much to her surprise, after questioning Mary regarding her lines of investigation, he presents the engagement ring to her, confessing to have constructed the theft as a means to test her investigation skills. Furious at first, Mary softens when she learns Holmes does not believe the Moriarty club will allow him to live him longer, and he was testing her to see if she were up to replacing him should they succeed in removing him from the picture.

Meanwhile, in the episodes secondary storyline, Moriarty, and Gwendolyn begin constructing a new potion, one that he believes will be of a huge benefit to his criminal empire.


  • The episode title is a play on words from the 1960 "winds of change" speech by Prime Minister Harold Macmillian.


Sherlock Holmes: Ross K. Foad

Mary Morstan: Lexi Wolfe

Mrs Hudson: Linda-Jean Barry

Gwendolyn Chambers: Kelsey Williams

Professor Moriarty: Adrian Charlton

Mr Marmalade: Gene Foad

Culverton Smith: Ray Frensham