Character[edit | edit source]

Rebecca Constance in the dungeon room.

Rebecca Constance was a main character in the No Place Like Holmes Series played by Angela Holmes. She is an antagonist of Holmes and Watson, and a member of the criminal faction "The Red Headed League".

She was second only to Madeline Chambers in the chain of command.

This former head of The Bruce Stock Academy is highly intelligent, extraordinarily devious, and will not think twice about double crossing someone for her own benefit. She holds a grudge against Holmes and Watson for forcing her to leave her highly paid job. The fact it happened because she stole school funds and tried to frame her staff is neither here nor there in her mind.

She has no known family or friends that she speaks of (a side Madeline, who she tried to shoot in the episode "A Study In Secrets") and her primary love and interest is money, and lots of it. Obtained however it is quickest to do so.

Although she thought Madeline was obsessing over nothing about the lack of information to be found about Sherlock Holmes past, since obtaining Moriarty and Gwendolyn Chambers diaries, she herself came obsessed over how best they can use it to profit from it all.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Rebecca first appeared in 2nd episode of the 3rd series "Reign Will Fall" (Oct 2012) and remained until Early 2015. Her final appearance was in the episode "The Sign of Things To Come". After that Madeline revealed she had been arrested for tax fraud and was residing in prison.

She was originally a client of Holmes - sent on false pretences - by Madeline Chambers, in an attempt to distract him long enough to trick his housekeeper into giving information about Holmes backstory.

Although she is not mentioned by name, Miss Blake makes reference to a "frosty headmistress" visiting the house as a client in the NPLH book "Of Shoes and Sherlock".

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Oh, you think you are smart! You and Doctor......Bumblebrush face here!"
  • " It wasn't anything personal, I just wanted the money....lots and"
  • "Come to think of it, all you seem be doing these days is reading about Sherlock Holmes, talking about Sherlock Holmes, thinking about Sherlock Holmes...."
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