Quid Pro Quo was the 3rd and final episode of the 6th NPLH series. It originally ran in 2 parts between

Feb 28th-March 1st 2017.


With his friendship with Watson in tatters, Holmes and Madeline return to Moriarty Manor to uncover the mystery behind the missing PC Andrew Burke. But after Madeline finds herself captured, to what length will the detective go to set everything right with the world once more?

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Watson gets a UK Passport allowing him to take up a post in the NHS and leaving Holmes and Miss Blake.


The episode concludes with Watson and Holmes having now cleared everything up with Pinkerton and Burke after explaining what happened to them with Sir Hugo Baskerville, and being given new passports and National insurance numbers to allow them to blend in with modern day England once more. However, this is only on the caveat that Holmes now works for the government as a secret service agent. While reluctant, Holmes agrees so that Watson can continue his medical career, something he could never do without the right documentation. Holmes feels that he owes this to Watson having lied to him for 3 years over the Reichenbach falls incident.

Before Watson leaves to take up his new post, Holmes decides that now is the time for them to finally admit to Miss Blake the truth about their past. The episode ends with her being called into the room and Watson telling her that they have something to tell her.

However, after coming back from the credits, Miss Blake stomps out in a huff declaring that she "already knew all that!" and that she couldn't believe they dragged her out of the kitchen to tell her that.

Holmes and Watson can do nothing but look baffled.





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