Old Habits Die Hard[edit | edit source]

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Old Habits Die Hard is the 2nd episode of the 1 series. The 24 minute episode originally broadcast in 5 parts between June 6th-July 1st 2010.  It follows directly after where Moving Forward left off. Following the Demonic ritual by Sir Hugo Baskerville, Holmes and Watson arrive in 2010 from 1895; and their first case in 115 years.

Did You Know? [edit | edit source]

Miss Blake first name was originally going to be Lisa.

Cast: [edit | edit source]

Sherlock Holmes - Ross K.Foad

Doctor Watson - Samuel Coe

Billy Henson - David Evans

Miss Blake - Tamzin Dunstone

Old Habits Die Harder[edit | edit source]

Old Habits Die Harder is an NPLH special. It is a remake of the original episode, originally running between December 24th 2014 - Jan 4th 2014 in 3 Parts. Although it sticks to the same basic plot, it expands some concepts much further; such as Miss Blake's relationship with Henson, how she came to get the house, as well as having more emphasis on Holmes and Watson's reactions to the modern day world they now find themselves in.

Did You Know?[edit | edit source]

One day prior to filming on the episode, Bluehomie worked with Mike Archer on an advert for Betting Awareness. Neither of them realised who the other one was, so both were very surprised to turn up the next day to find their paths had crossed once again.

Cast:[edit | edit source]

Sherlock Holmes - Ross K.Foad

Doctor John Hamish Watson - Mike Archer

Billy Henson - BlueHomie

Miss Christine Blake - Tamzin Dunstone

P.C. Andrew Burke - Tony Carpenter

Christopher Burke - Zac Carpenter

Mr Bunkum - Gene Foad

Michelle Rivers - Samantha Rea


No Place Like Holmes "Old Habits Die Harder" *FULL*

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