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Nancy Moncrieffe is a character in the NPLH universe portrayed by Heather Russell-Kay. She is the villain of the episode "Dough or Die".

Though seemingly sweet, simple, and docile, Holmes eventually uncovers that she is responsible for an outbreak of poisonings that occur at Westlake and Bromley Bakery. Nancy is revealed to be the co-owner of another Bakery, "Kindrick Cakes", and was using her position as assistant baker in Westlake and Bromley to bring it down from the inside. 

Though she is presented with overwhelming evidence about her involvement, Nancy denies her part in it, and maintains that Holmes is trying to pin the investigation on her as a scapegoat. 

She eventually meets her demise when Holmes offers her a choice of two identical biscuits, one that is one of Nancy's own poisoned kind, the other made by Miss Blake.

Holmes tells Nancy he will end his investigation and bring no case against her if she chooses the non-poisoned one. 

Though the scene ends on a cliff-hanger, it is later inferred by Madeline Chambers that Nancy has died, something Holmes appears to feel no remorse about, believing her to have got her just desserts.

QUOTES "I Wouldn't…I wouldn't..he's making it up! It's a joke…I wouldn't do that."


Heather Russell-Kay previously appeared in the series as The Black Widow speed dater in Series 5, Episode 2 "Truth or Date". She is also one of the main members of Ross' s comedy sketch group, "The Faction of Farce".