Mycroft Holmes is a character in No Place Like Holmes (as well as the original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle). And is portrayed by James Ian Gray. He is the elder brother of Sherlock Holmes by seven years, and although thought to be just as — if not more — intelligent, he is far too lazy to ever do anything that involves an extensive amount of physical exertion.

However, he is as antisocial as his younger brother, happy to be blunt, abrupt and dispense with any pleasantries where possible. The use of hello and goodbye are not considered necessary if he has said them to someone once before. However, he is generally very pleasant with Mrs. Hudson, who adores him for showing appreciation for her cooking.

He is a founding member of The Diogenes Club (a club where speaking is forbidden), and holds an extremely high position within the Government. Nobody is quite sure what he does, but he is known to be highly efficient and indispensable at whatever it is he does do.

Mycroft frequently crops up in NPLH to act as a go between from the British Government and Sherlock Holmes. Asking (demanding) him to undertake acts for the sake of the nation's security.

Aside from an obsession for all things cake; Mycroft's other strange quirk is his obsession with satsumas; an item he is rarely seen without. He has a tendency to pull them out at random times and is never seemingly, in short supply. It is thought they used as a type of rubix cube or stress ball; an item for him to play with while he mulls over a problem. That, or much like his brother, he is just very strange.

Appearances Edit

Mycroft Holmes has appeared sporadically throughout NPLH since the first series. He first appeared in "Holmes In Time For Christmas" where he assists with an investigation into a series of murders during Christmas time. He again showed up during "The Creature In The Rye" (S2, E3) and "Heat of The Moment". (S4, E3).

In addition to his appearances in NPLH , he has also show up in The Mary Morstan Mysteries episodes "Hell Hath No Fury" and "The Ecuador Equation"

Quotes  Edit

  • "More cake? Splendid!!!!"
  • "Two Holmes are better than one"
  • "I'm not here to see him, I am just here to pick up my hat"
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