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Mrs. Hudson is a character in The Mary Morstan Mysteries (as well as the original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle). She is portrayed by Linda-Jean Barry. She is the landlady and owner of the rooms at 221B Baker Street and rent's the rooms to Holmes and Watson.

This Scottish widow has an obsessional need to cook, clean, and offer people cups of tea — much to Holmes annoyance — and while she is highly irritated by his putting bullet holes in the wall, chemical explosions and traipsing of mud across her floors, she can't but help feel a certain fondness to Holmes anyway; probably helped by the vast sums of money he gives her each month to do so.

In The Mary Morstan Mysteries, she has a close relationship to Mary, and often assists her in investigations; if she can — as long as it is not too mucky a task. She also acts as a sounding board to Mary, letting her think through things out loud.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Mrs. Hudson appears in every episode of The Mary Morstan Mysteries. She has also appeared in 3 episodes of No Place Like Holmes. The first was in "The Two Fold Bond", in which she comes to Holmes in 2011 through a strange hallucinogenic dream. Then again 2 episodes of the 4th series with "Once Upon a Time" and "Heat Of The Moment", both set in 1890.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "No matter how hard I scrub, I cannae get those bullet holes out of me wall"
  • "Up with the lark, while it's still dark. That's what me mother used to say"
  • "There's a Mr. Jackson to see you Mr. Holmes. Oh, and he's got a face like a bulldog!"
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