Mr Ashra

Mr Ashra

Mr Ashra is a character in the NPLH universe portrayed by CJ Parmar. Mr Ashra is a high-ranking Indian Government official with ties to the Royal Family. His ancestors once owned the great fabled Agra treasures, until Captain Arthur Morstan and his cohorts stole them in the 19th Century.


Mr Ashra appears in Series 5, Episode 1 "The Sign of Things To Come", hiring Madeline Chambers to lead a treasure hunt for the Agra treasures when it becomes apparent they have been hidden around the River Thames.

He further appears in Series 5, Episode 2 "Truth Or Date" as one of the speed dates for Miss Blake.


"Ah, I get it now, it is a joke! I forgot you British do have such a sense of humour. Pretending you are some sort of consulting criminal - most amusing!"

Did You Know:

Following his NPLH appearances, CJ would go on to join Ross K. Foad as one of the main members of his "Faction of Farce" comedy group.

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