Moving Forward[edit | edit source]

Moving Forward is the 1st episode of the 1 series. It originally broadcast on the 8th May 2010 on Youtube running to a total of 12 minutes. The pilot episode sees Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson following the trail of a beast that is reported to be "The Hound of the Baskervilles" once again in 1895, but the result of the case is not as simple as Holmes predicted, and changes him and Watson's lives forever.

Did You Know?[edit | edit source]

The role of Hugo Baskerville was played by Ross' brother Patrick, only because the actor failed to show up on the day and could not be contacted. He was only on hand to help out with make up on the day, but ended up agreeing to take the role on.

Cast:[edit | edit source]

Sherlock Holmes - Ross K.Foad

Doctor Watson - Samuel Coe

Sir Hugo Baskerville - Patt Foad

Moving Two Steps Forward[edit | edit source]

MTSF was an NPLH special that broadcast on the 30th September 2014, running to a total time of 18 minutes. It is a remake/retelling of the original story, but expanded upon in further detail. The premise is that (in 2014) Holmes finally gets around to reading the write up Holmes did for the events of Moving Forward, but finds a huge amount of things wrong with it. He tells Watson that he has not even managed to get his own hair correct, and has exaggerated his height. (Thus explaining that Samuels appearance in the first series was only ever how Watson had described himself at the time). Several other events are ixnayed from ever happening; including Baskervilles biting off of Watson's hand.

As a result, Holmes orders Watson to write it again with the correct version of events. The episode ends with Watson and Holmes actually being transported and arriving in 2010, originally this did not happen until the 2nd episode.

Did You Know?[edit | edit source]

Mike Archer spent a very long time studying Samuels run pattern and movement, even going as far as to mimic the way he held his hat with his hand when running. The grey blazer, baton and black hat are also the exact ones Samuel used.

Cast:[edit | edit source]

Sherlock Holmes - Ross K.Foad

Doctor Watson- Mike Archer

Sir Hugo Baskerville - Anthony Roy Barton

Ipod Boy - Nicholas Salek


No Place Like Holmes "Moving Two Steps Forward"(Special)

Moving Two Steps Forward (Special)

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