Morstan Vs Milverton was the 3rd and final episode of the 1st series of The Mary Morstan Mysteries. It originally aired December 23rd 2012. A remastered version with improved colours and a largely improved pacing was released to replace the original on the 25th September 2017.

In the episode, following the receipt of some very saucy and scandalous letters between Mrs. Forrester and her former butler, Moriarty commissions Milverton to administer the blackmail on his behalf, but unfortunately for him, Mrs. Forrester just happens to be the best friend of Mary Morstan, who vows to fight the threat any way she can.


This is one of Lexi Wolfe's personal favourite episodes. In the companion guide to the show, she wrote:

"This, if anything, has to be my favourite one that we have done thus far.  I’ve always been a strong supporter of LGBT rights and I fell in love with Ross’s speech that Mary has when she gives Milverton some consideration for what would have, back at that point in history, been outlawed and so strongly penalised.  I felt more in touch with Mary as a forward-thinking woman when we filmed this than I ever had previously. Touching on an issue I’ve always felt so strongly about was very enjoyable for me.


Mary Morstan: Lexi Wolfe

Sherlock Holmes: Ross K. Foad

Doctor Watson: Mike Archer

Mrs Hudson: Linda-Jean Barry

Gwendolyn Chambers: Kelsey Williams

Professor Moriarty: Adrian Charlton

Charles Augustus Milverton: Clifford Hume

Mrs. Forrester: Sandy Kate Slade

Henry Boffy: Tony Carpenter

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