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Miss Anne Westlake was a character in the episode "Once Upon A Time" (Series 4 Episode 2), portrayed by Emma Charlotte Delanoy. A baker by trade, she is the client of Holmes in the 1890 set episode, and comes to him for assistance after being harassed by a man on a daily basis forcing her to guess his name. He promises her 100 pounds if she guess correctly, but she must forfeit her days fruit pickings if she fails.

She is of an educated background, but lacks common sense in many aspects of life. And as Holmes comes to learn, she is also slightly too trusting a woman for her own good.

Rachael Westlake

Heather and emma

Emma returned to the series in the episode "Dough or Die" (Series 5, Episode 4) to play Anne's great-great-great-great-great granddaughter Rachel. Much like the events 120 years prior, Rachael becomes Holmes's client, and he must work to try and solve the case and save the Westlake and Bromley bakeries once again.


Prior to working with Ross K. Foad on the episode, she also worked with Mike Archer (Watson) on the short film festival film "The Journey Of Alfred Small".

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