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Katrina Bliss is a character in the NPLH universe and is the Librarian of The Bruce Stock Academy. She is a timid, naive and mousy women who can be far too trusting for her own good. However, when it comes to Library rules, nobody should dare crossing her. She has a strict 3-strike rule for No Talking in her library, a rule which Watson manages to breach, resulting in a 6-month loan ban— despite not even being a pupil at the school.

She first appears as a suspect in the episode "Reign Will Fall" (S3 E2), as well as the episode "Dawn Of The Red" (S4 E1).


Miss Bliss was originally portrayed by Victoria-Jane Appleton in "Reign Will Fall", but due to ongoing schedule conflicts, she was later replaced by Rosanna Smith for "Dawn Of The Red".

Smith is considered to be the definitive take on the character, for she would later also appear as Katrina's great-great-great-great Aunt, Sister Abigail Bliss, in spin off show "The Mary Morstan Mysteries".


  • Rosanna Smith originally applied for the role of Anna Westlake in the episode "Once Upon A Time", but noting the similarities in appearance to Victoria-Jane, NPLH Director Ross K. Foad asked Rosanna to audition for Miss Bliss instead. Skill level aside, she furthered impressed Ross by turning up to the audition in a replica outfit to that which Victoria-Jane had worn for the episode.

    Rosanna Smith Audition Piece For Miss Bliss

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