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Meyers Baskerville is a character in the No Place Like Holmes Universe portrayed by Jacob Lennon-Banks. He debuts in the 1st episode of the 7th series, “The Surrey Vampire” and is the villain of the piece. 

He comes to Holmes attention when 3 seemingly unconnected people are killed by way of having their blood drained completely from their body. Holmes eventually pieces together that all three were sevens sons of seventh sons, and it stands to reason that the killer must be part of a demonic cult. 

Holmes and Madeline Chambers eventually detect and overcome Meyers and have him handed over to the custody of PC Burke and Agent Pinkerton. Meyers  spends the duration of the 2nd episode of the 7th series being interviewed by the pair, but reveals nothing of his background or motives to them. Right towards the end of the 3rd episode it is revealed that he has escaped from his cell, and is seen fleeing in the dead of night. The episode, and 7th series, end on him on the phone to his uncle and revealing that he is part of The Baskerville clan, thus a direct descendant of the very evil man who sent Holmes and Watson to the future in the first place, Sir Hugo Baskerville. 

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