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No Place Like Holmes "The Surrey Vampire"

No Place Like Holmes "The Surrey Vampire"

Lucas Brennan is a character in the NPLH universe portrayed by Matthew MacLachlan. He appears in the first episode of the 7th series, The Surrey Vampire.

A distinguished lecturer and, fatally, a seventh son of a seventh son. He visits the Bruce Stock Academy upon receiving an invite to give a talk to its students, but upon getting there he is met by Meyers in disguise as an English Teacher. 

After a brief conversation in which Meyer reveals he had Brennan’s father as his tutor at Oxford, he leads Brennan away from the school claiming that the talk is a nearby satellite classroom. It is later implied that Brennan is one of the three victims to be found dead with no blood left in his body. 

  “I was a little surprised that you asked me. Are you sure that I’m not the last port of call after all my brothers refused?” 

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