Lord Booswar was a character in The Mary Morstan Mysteries portrayed by Toby Rolt. He is a pompous, privileged, aristocratic Lord who operates in shadowy political circles.

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He appears in the episode "The Devil's Gambit" (Series 2, Episode 5) as one of the financial backers for a betting scam concocted by Professor Moriarty. However, when the scam goes wrong, Booswar loses his investment, and demands Moriarty returns his money with interest, or face being exposed to the Authorities.

Moriarty responds to the threat by locking him in a dungeon with one of this deranged failed test patients.

Coincidentally, the authorities never did hear about Moriarty's operations.


  • "Ah! Are you here to lead me to the diamonds" (said to Experiment R)
  • "Lady Booswar could do with a new brooch as it happens"
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