WHE 22

Jordan Knox is a character in the NPLH universe portrayed by Simon G. Lemon in the episode “The Walls Have Eyes.”. He is the youngest child of Bianca and Richard Knox. Far quieter and level headed than his brash elder brother and sister, he is the closest one to his mother, and ends up being reluctantly roped into her scheme to provide Gabriel with money from Mr. Knox’s vault. Though he did not take the money from the vault, he is tasked with taking it outside of the house and giving it to Gabriel, something his agoraphobic mother is unable to do. 

Holmes pieces his part in the crime together after noticing Jordan out in the forest laden with bags that he claims are for a camping trip. However, they are, in fact, supplies for his brother who is camping out in the manor grounds. 

Quotes “Who are you? This..this is private land you know!” “We aren’t the only ones in this family you know.”

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