Jamie Stevens was the NPLH Director of Photography for the entire first series. He was offered the role when Ross K.Foad saw his work as a D.O.P posted on Youtube, liking it, Ross contacted Jamie and told him about his vision. Bored with his degree in Stage Design and eager to branch out into his chosen field, Jamie happily stepped on board and became instrumental in its foundation. He was also the first person ever actually recruited for the show.

His vision, skills, and willingness helped NPLH in its early start, and really helped it rise above the low-budget nature and allowed it to be the best looking it could possibly be. Although he left the show after the "The Two Fold Bond", his techniques and methods are still largely used to this day.


In the episode "Holmes In Time For Christmas", Jamie stepped out from behind the camera to undertake an acting role as lunatic hobo "Frank Gatsby". Despite no formal training, his performance is still considered one of the funniest roles in the episode.

NPLH - Crew Interview- Jamie Stevens - Director Of Photography

NPLH - Crew Interview- Jamie Stevens - Director Of Photography

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