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Heat Of The Moment is the 3rd episode of the 4th NPLH series. The episode originally ran in 2 parts between December 24th 2013 -January 2nd 2014. The episode sees Madeline Chambers continue to delve into Sherlock Holmes past and come across one particular tale of interest in 1890. When two Russian spies break into a military protected building and steal sensitive war plans, the safe recovery of them falls to the Brothers of Deduction Sherlock and Mycroft.


  • This was Amy Brunskill's (Titania Larin) first acting performance.
  • Russian actress Dasha Ches, who played Klara Resnick, previously played an animal rights protester in the episode "Dialysis Murder".
  • The episode was originally written with Doctor Watson in it, but due to other commitments Mike was replaced with Lexi playing Mary Watson, and the lines altered to fit her character instead.
  • In the diary of Gwendolyn Chambers, if you look closely when Madeline is reading it, there is a list displaying everyone she wants to kill. This includes Tsar Nicholas and someone named Elizabeth Constance!

CAST  Edit

Sherlock Holmes: Ross K. Foad

Mary Watson: Lexi Wolfe

Madeline Chambers: Kelsey Williams

Rebecca Constance: Angela Holmes

Colonel Winterbottom: Gene Foad

Klara Resnick: Dasha Ches

Mycroft Holmes: James Ian Gray

Mrs Hudson: Linda Jean-Barry

Titania Larin: Amy Brunskill

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