Doctor 2

Dr. Simon Trevelyan is a character in the NPLH Universe portrayed by Michael Langan. He appears in the episode "Dough or Die", treating Madeline following her food poisoning. He is also responsible for informing Holmes of the poisonings happening at Westlake and Bromley Bakery. 

As his name suggests, Simon is a descendant of Percy Trevelyan, the doctor who appears in the original Arthur Conan Doyle tale "The Resident Patient". 

QUOTES: "There is none of the common food poisoning suspects. No Salmonella, No E. Colli, no mould, no spores, nothing." 

Mike previously appeared as the Senior Archaeologist in Series 5, Episode 1 "The Sign of Things to Come".  He has also appeared in a handful of sketches for Ross's "Faction of Farce" group.

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