Bianca Knox is a character in the NPLH universe portrayed by Lizzie Mittler in the episode “The Walls Have Eyes.” She is (debatably) the episode’s villain being responsible for the theft of money from her husband’s vault. However, her gesture is not one done out of personal gain, for everything she takes is given to her disgraced criminal son , Gabriel, following his release from prison. Previously of a calm and outgoing nature, the strain of her son’s trial caused her to become a deranged agoraphobic that now spends her time in her room making bizarre sculptures out of clay.

It is this clay that eventually proves to be her downfall, for Holmes recognises it to be the same kind found on the letters in Mr. Knox’s study and on the replica thumb print letter that she uses to fool the vaults security system.


“No, wait, don’t go! You must be Sherlock Holmes…the detective…my husband told me that you were coming”

“It is a very special bond between a mother and a son…you’d do anything to protect them…no matter what they may have done”

“The only noises I hear these days Mr. Holmes is that of sound of my own voice, and that of Jordan’s…he never fails to visit…such a lovely boy.”

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