Auntie Pat is the favourite Aunt of Miss Christine Blake. Although never seen or even heard, she is still a prominent part to the series. Rarely an episode will go by without Miss Blake launching into some story about her beloved Auntie Pat or something Auntie Pat once said.

Even if Miss Blake has just met someone, it is not unusual for her to launch into an extended story of no relevance involving her beloved Aunt. Typically, it involves a holiday, or fashion shopping trip, but occasionally more is revealed including the fact she is Jewish, has one child, and once saw Jesus walking down Portobello Road, but he didn't have a beard.


The origins of Auntie Pat go back to the episode "The Absent Phantom" (May 2011) it is during this episode while on a stakeout, Miss Blake and Holmes are supposed to be watching a house for intruders, but the silence is soon broken by Miss Blake blurting out "Have I ever told you about my Auntie Pat??".

The line was completely ad-libbed by Tamzin, but Ross decided it was too funny to not keep in. Tamzin's rationale for the line is that she has a real life "Auntie Pam", and she thought that Miss Blake would have been unable to keep the silence for too much longer and said the first thing that came to her head.

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