Angela Holmes (b 1986) in London, England, is an actress, dancer and model who portrayed Rebecca


Constance in the No Place Like Holmes Series.

She first appeared in the 2nd episode of the 3rd series "Reign Will Fall", and appeared in every episode of the main series since up till her last appearance in Series 5, Episode 1 "The Sign Of Things To Come".

Angela Holmes on Miss Constance

Rebecca is a hugely determined individual who really know what she wants and goes for it! when someone is that driven and determined how can you not have respect for them!, add to that the fact she is smart, ballsy, fast at figuring stuff out and hell bent at getting what she wants from every situation.

Rebecca is motivated by money, but I am personally motivated by love, the world would not exist without it and it’s very important to me. I can understand though ones motivation for money as my Dad is constantly pestering me to get a real job ;-)

As for her relationship with Madeline? She is a funny one. It’s kind of like watching a Sherlock Holmes film back to front while she watch’s it on slow mo forward, you know what is going to happen days before Madeline figures it out but her temper is so how…..shall I put it ‘dynamite’ that everyone’s is too afraid to tell her. So I like to just watch her clogs turn whilst dodging the sparks that fly off of them. Bless her.''

Other Works

Angela has an extensive body of acting work including roles in feature films "Crypt", "Cute Little Buggers 3D" and "Rockband Vs. Vampires". Her full C.V can be found on her site.

She is also the managing director of custom shoe design store "All About The Shoes", as well as hair product and extension site "All About The Hair".

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