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Agent Pinkerton is a character in the No Place Like Holmes Universe portrayed by Philip Hutchinson. He is one of the lead agents of a Shadowy Government initiative, whose power and reach is far greater than most can comprehend. He first appears in the episode "A Study In Secrets" (Series 4 Episode 4), to warn P.C. Andrew Burke from ever mentioning what he has discovered about Sherlock Holmes.

On a routine name check, for reasons unknown to Burke, he notes Holmes, and Watson has been flagged with immunity to arrest, and are under top secret surveillance - something that should not have been so easily available on the Police National Computer.

A brash, stoic, unreasonable man; the fact P.C Burke can hardly recall doing the check is not considered important to Pinkerton, and as a result of possessing this knowledge, Pinkerton begins following Burke's every move, ultimately resulting in Burke trying to warn Holmes of him; an action that causes him to be kidnapped, and removed to a prison cell in an unknown location.

What Pinkerton wants is anybodys guess. Is he a friend or is he a foe? Only time can tell.


  • Agents Pinkerton name is derived from "The Pinkerton Agency". An American based Private Detective firm that crops up in a number of the original short Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
  • Hutchinson is a member of Lucky Dog Theatre. A group which also consists of NPLH actors Kelsey Williams and Tony Carpenter.


"Following you? No, I was just in the area...passing through...on my sauce.."

" Oh you don't need to worry about who I am, what you need to be worry about is what I might do"

Agent Pinkerton

Agent Pinkerton

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